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Add / Create Website On CyberPanel

To continue our previous topic about CyberPanel—see our dedicated tutorial on how to install CyberPanel—and this panel is now widely discussed and many people are migrating to CyberPanel.

So on this post you will be guided on how to add / create website, to create database and also to create FTP account on CyberPanel. So make sure you have the control panel installed on your CentOS typed server already.

Creating your new virtual hosting on CyberPanel

To make this simple, all begin with the admin panel located at server IP address using port:8090. For example Your-IP:8090 on your browser. To login to the panel for the first time it is recommended to change the default password which is: 1234567 because it’s predictable.

On your CyberPanel dashboard page, please to open Main menu > Websites > Create Website.

Add Create Website CyberPanel

  1. Select Package just fill it with Default. This is your hosting package that’s in CyberPanel, by default only one package but you can add more according your wish.
  2. Select Owner. This option is to decide the owner of the website based on CyberPanel user, by default is Admin.
  3. Domain Name. Fill with your domain name.
  4. Email. This is to add the email of the domain owner.
  5. Select PHP. Choose your PHP version you wish to choose, the options are pretty complete such as version: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2. Currently I use either 7.0 or 7.1.

The above is the most crucial part.

The following is just additional options:

  • SSL. This is to use your own SSL, if it’s Let’s Encrypt is not necessary and can be activated manually after website adding process.
  • DKIM Support. Is to verify your domain name via email.
  • open_basedir Protection. Protection for hosting directory access.

If your website is static based website (HTML) without database then this step is enough and need only to configure the FTP setting to upload files.

Create new database on CyberPanel

The next phase is to add new MariaDB database for your website. The process is simple and easy via Databases > Create Database and fill your asked data – data.

Create Database On CyberPanel
I think there is nothing to be explained of just to fill the database name, user name and your password.

Create FTP user on CyberPanel

Unless you install WordPress and Joomla so no need to worry because there is auto installer app on your CyberPanel, but if you want to upload files manually then please to use FTP > Create FTP Account.

Create FTP Account CyberPanel
I believe you won’t find any difficulties to add the needed information.

After all the needed steps completed all you need is uploading the files and configure the CMS setting according your made account credentials.

SSL support is needed for FTP account on your client application, not SFTP. So Xftp can’t be used, so I was forced to use WinSCP.


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