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Best VPS Hosting Providers

If you are serious in building a professional website, then the first thing you need to set in mind is choosing the most reliable server.

The hosting server is not only fast, but it must be stable and responsive too.

The problem is currently we are given with probably hundred of thousands hosting providers to choose and every day their number is growing.

After more than 10 years of my adventures as blogger I underwent with so many hosting providers and some of them sucks and other just good and the rest are best ones.

So on this post I would like to share to you all about the best hosting providers I personally have tried and still using them.

Interserver.net. This one is my first recommendation, provides three hosting options which are shared, VPS and dedicated. All of them with a decent support. Each time I face a problem their live chat support only always comes with solution and rarely the chat support team forward my problem to their technical team with tickets.

Many times my problems solved through live chat. And if it’s stronger that the chat live can handle they will make a ticket for me. And the problem is solved.

Their hosting is also very stable I rarely get downtime, I know this through report from https://uptimerobot.com/. I set the report weekly, in many cases the report says no downtime at all, albeit my visitors nearly 6k/day with about 10k page views.

And they also offer cheap hosting packages, whether it’s shared and VPS. You are also able to make a try in first month without subscription just for $0.1. If you dislike their service, you can back away anytime you want.


For Cloud VPS package, they start it with $6 delivering the following specifications:

  • CPU: 1 Cores
  • Memory: 2048MB
  • Storage: 30GB SSD
  • Transfer: 1TBt

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