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Create FTP Account On VestaCP

If you want to transfer files quickly between client and server via a computer network then you should use FTP. And on the VestaCP control panel you can create FTP account to login. And on this post you will be guided completely to create FTP account on VestaCP.

The following is the tutorials to create FTP account on VestaCP.


  1. Login to your VestaCP account using your VPS IP followed with port :8083, for example: https://198.49.415.439:8083.

VestaCP Login

  1. Now you are on the VestaCP main dashboard.

VestaCP Dashboard

  1. Click the Web.

Click Web On VestaCP

  1. The choose the domain that you want to create or add FTP account, then click on Edit.

Edit Website Domain Add FTP Account VestaCP

Note: FTP account you add on VestaCP is based on your website/domain. If you want to add FTP for other website, then you need to do the same or repeat this process.

  1. Scroll down till your see the Additional FTP option, then click on the Additional FTP option.

Additional FTP VestaCP

  1. Fill all the needed details there:
  • Username: username for your FTP account.
  • Password: password to be used to access your files, you can opt for generate or create your own password.
  • Path: the default destination given by VestaCP which is: “/home/admin/web/yourdomainwebsitename.com/
  • Send FTP credentials to email: fill this with your email address to login to your FTP account.

FTP Account Login Details VestaCP

Upload File Website via FileZilla

  1. Open FileZilla on your computer.
  2. Fill the needed slot forms, then click on QuickConnect:
  • Host: Your VPS IP or your domain name.
  • Username: Your FTP Username—The one you previously created on VestaCP dashboard.
  • Password: Your FTP password—The one you previously created on VestaCP dashboard.

Login To FTP Client

  1. Now you can start uploading files to your website folder public_html

Upload Files VestaCP
Note: Because the VestaCP FTP path gives restriction only to one website pre-FTP, then you need to re-login to a different FTP account if you want to upload or download file from different websites.

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