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How To Create MySQL Database Using Command Line

Today I would like to discuss completely about the new for you to follow on how to create a new MySQL Database using the Command Line on PHPMyAdmin from your XAMPP.

But before we get deeper into this topic, make sure you already have XAMPP installed on your computer or laptop. If you have it installed, the next step is you need to open the XAMPP and run the Apache Server and your MySQL.

Once the Apache Server and MySQL are running, the following are the main parts to be discussed in the tutorial, which are:

  • How to access your SQL from PHPMyAdmin.
  • How to create new MySQL database using command line.

Now you have fully aware of what we will go into on this topic, then the following are the main parts of our today discussions.

Access to your SQL page from PHPMyAdmin

Step 1—To access your SQL page from PHPMyAdmin, the following are the steps you need to undergo:

Step 2—Go to your PHPMyAdmin URL more or less like this: localhost/phpmyadmin.

Step 3—Once don, you will be directed to your PhpMyAdmin page. To continue just  click on SQL.

SQL Page PHPMyAdmin Page

Step 4—After you have clicked the SQL, then you will be directed to SQL page from PHPMyAdmin.

Access SQL On PHPMyAdmin

Step 5—Done.

Step 6—We can continue to the next part.

How to create new SQL Database using Command Line

Step 1—To create a new Database using the Command Line, you can simply type the following command:  CREATE DATABASE yourdatabasename.

Step 2—After you have typed the above command, so to complete the process, just click Go.

Create Database On SQL

Notes: Change the db_yourdbname with the name you would like to name your database name.

Step 2—After you have clicked on Go, then you will get the following output:

Success Creating New Database With Command Line

Step 3—If you receive the above output just like on the picture, that means your newly Database has successfully been created.

Notes: You can see your new created Database on the left sidebar.

Step 4—Finish.

Well done my friend congratulations because you have successfully created a new MySQL database using Command Line from SQL page on PHPMyAdmin. In the coming post I will elaborate the tutorials to delete Database, so see you again on my next posts.


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