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Fix Error: Connection To Localhost Failed On VestaCP

If you are experiencing the Error: Connection to localhost failed on VestaCP then here is the fix.

The error due to inability to connect to MySQL because of different password of root and user.

This error will cause the error establishing a database connection. Your website performance will be effected by it and so is your website’s ranking on Google.

So how to fix the Connection To Localhost Failed error On VestaCP?

What you need to do to fix this issue is by changing your DB password, and the steps to do so is.

Step 1—Now login to your VestaCP panel.
Step 2—Then click on Server.

Change MySQL Root Password
Step 3—Select your hostname and click on Configure.
Configure MySQL Root Password
Step 4—Then click on DB.
Change DB Password VestaCP
Step 5—Then type your password there.
Change MySQL Root Password VestaCP
Step 6—Then save the change.
Save MySQL Root Password On VestaCP

Done you have fixed the Fix Error: Connection To Localhost Failed On VestaCP  And you can verify your changing by seeing your MySQL Root password on Vesta page.

I hope this post help you solve the problem of the Connection To Localhost Failed error on VestaCP and share it to your friends.

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