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How To Add Domain On VestaCP

Add domain on VestaCP. You can add domain or addon domain to VestaCP. To do so, you need to firstly login to your VestaCP main dashboard.

The following is the tutorials to add domain on VestaCP.


  1. Login to your VestaCP account using your VPS IP followed with port :8083, for example: https://198.49.415.439:8083.

VestaCP Login

  1. Now you are on the VestaCP main dashboard.

VestaCP Dashboard

  1. Click the Web.

Click Web On VestaCP

  1. Now click on the Plus green button on the left of your domain name.
Add Domain VestaCP Dashboard
  1. Now on this window do the following:
    1. Type your domain name—Put your domain name here and don’t forget to add Name Server afterward.
    2. Click on Advanced Settings.
    3. Click on SSL support.
    4. Click on Let’s Encrypt— if you want to use Let’s Encrypt if not just add your own key on the provided blank box form right below it.
    5. FTP account—You can create FTP account on VestaCP now or later. It doesn’t matter.Klik on Save button—To save your changes.
  2.  FTP account on the blue arrow—You can create FTP account on VestaCP now or later. It doesn’t matter.

Add Domain Name VestaCP
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Well done because you have successfully followed the entire steps to add domain on VestaCP dashboard and if you have any questions then you can simply contact us anytime and we will do the best to answer you. And see you again in our next tutorial posts.


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