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How To Add Domain On VPSSM Panel

This is the tutorial to add domain or website to VPSSIM. That means your newly installed VPSSIM is now ready to host your domain.

To do so, just login to your Root account using SSH (I recommend Putty for this task). And then access the VPSSIM menu using the following command:


The following is the VPSSIM menu:

 1) Add Website & Code              19) Backup VPS To Google Drive
 2) Remove Website                  20) Setup File Manager
 3) Backup & Restore Code           21) Setup Net2FTP
 4) Database Manage                 22) Setup MonstaFTP
 5) PhpMyadmin Manage               23) Setup NetData
 6) Zend OPcache Manage             24) Setup FreeSSL (Let's Encrypt)
 7) Memcached Manage                25) Setup PaidSSL (Comodo...)
 8) Redis Cache Manage              26) Tools - Addons
 9) FTP Account Manage              27) Update System (Nginx,PHP...)
10) Swap Manage                     28) Re-config VPS (PHP & MySQL)
11) Cronjob Manage                  29) Change Timezone Server & PHP
12) Log File Manage                 30) Clear All Caches
13) Google PageSpeed Manage         31) Check Server Status & Info
14) Change PHP Settings             32) Auto Send eMail Service Status
15) WordPress Blog Tools            33) Update VPSSIM
16) Secure Server & Website         34) Change Language To VietNamese
17) Backup Data To VPS Backup       35) Register Business Version
18) Resilio Sync Manage

Hit the numbr 1 to access to the Add Website & Code


If you simply want to add domain and installing CMS other than it’s listed on the VPSS then use number 1.

However if you wish to install CMS such as WordPress then choose number 3.

And also if you wish to install Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, and others then simply hit the number represent your preferred CMS. See the following now:

1) Add Website
2) Add Park & Redirect Domain
3) Add website + WordPress (Auto Setup)
4) Add website + WordPress Code
5) Add Website + Forum Code
6) Add Website + Opencart Code
7) Add Website + Joomla Code
8) Them Website + Drupal Code
9) Add website + Sypex Dumper (Data Backup)
10) Add website + MySQLDumper (Data Backup)
11) Add Website + YourLS (URL Shortener)
12) Fix Error Chmod, chown
13) List & Size of All Websites
Type in your choice (0-Exit): 1

Next, type your domain name:

Type in the domain [ENTER]: yourdomainhere.com

Replace yourdomainhere.com with yours.

Type y and then hit Enter for the system to create your domain database.

Do you want VPSSIM create new database for yourdomainhere.com ? [y/N] y

If the instalallation succeed then you will see the following notifications:

blog.idnetter.com is added to server successfully
Vhost File: /etc/nginx/conf.d/yourdomainhere.com.conf
Shortcut : /home/blog.nyonk.com/0-Vhost/yourdomainhere.com.conf
Upload code to: /home/yourdomainhere.com/public_html
Database auto created by VPSSIM for yourdomainhere.com :
Database: your_domainhere__cba1
User name: yourusername
Password: yourpassword


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