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How To Add Name Server On VestaCP

If you already have Name Servers for your domain then you can add them to VestaCP, today I would like to explain on how to add Name Server on VestaCP.

Firstly you need to set your own Name Server through Domain Registrant you are using. Once you have set the Name Server. Then follow the steps here:

  1. Login to your VestaCP, then once logged in this is the VestCP main dashboard.

User VestaCP Main Dashboard

  1. Now click the User menu on your VestaCP main dashboard.

User VestaCP

  1. Now you can change the VestaCP default Name Server with your own Name Server. To do so just scroll down to the Default Name Server subname.

Now fill your Name Server there, make sure your Name Server is already set first before doing this.

Add Name Server VestaCP

  1. Once done. Complete the process with clicking the Save button below.

That’s it. That’s how to add Name Server to VestaCP dashboard. Hope you found this post useful.


  • You can do the same with the Sub-Domain, just add your Sub-Domain to VestaCP then it will use the Name Server of the main domain.

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