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How To Change Admin Password On VestaCP

This is the tutorial to change admin password on VestaCP. The following is the entire steps for changing admin password on the VestaCP control panel you are using.

The following is the tutorials to alter VestaCP admin password.

How to change admin password on VestaCP control panel


  1. Login to your VestaCP account using your VPS IP followed with port :8083, for example: https://198.49.415.439:8083.

VestaCP Login

  1. Now you are on the VestaCP main dashboard.

VestaCP Dashboard

  1. Click the User —> Admin.
  2. Click Edit.
    Change Admin Password VestaCP
  3. Type your Password on the provided form.
  4. Click on Save to save your change.
    Change VestaCP Admin Password

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Congratulations you have successfully changed your VestaCP admin password so make sure it’s hard to be predicted by outsider however easy to remember by you.


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