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How To Create Database On VestaCP

This is the tutorial to create Database on VestaCP. The entire steps for creating Database on the VestaCP control panel you are using.

The following is the tutorials to create Database on VestaCP.

How to create Database on VestaCP control panel


  1. Login to your VestaCP account using your VPS IP followed with port :8083, for example: https://198.49.415.439:8083.

VestaCP Login

  1. Now you are on the VestaCP main dashboard.

VestaCP Dashboard

  1. Click the DB (Database).

Create Database On VestaCP

  1. Click Plus icon to add a new database.

Add New Icon To Add Database

Note: VestaCP will automatically add Admin on the first prefix, before the name of both database and its users.

  1. Fill the database and username and then click Add button.
    1. You can also use Generate button to get the random password.
    2. Add your Email address to the provided form so the VestaCP can send you the login detail via Email.

Create Database And Username On VestaCP Panel

  1. Once you have successfully created Database, click Open PHPMyAdmin to log-into your new Database, on the login page just fill it with your database username and its password and then click on Go.
    Login To PHPMyAdmin Database VestaCP

This is how it looks when you have logged into the phpMyAdmin:
phpMyAdmin Interface Database
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Note: Database Host or Hostname on VestaCP is the localhost.

Congratulations because you have successfully created Databases on VestaCP control panel and you can repeat the same steps to create another Databases.


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