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How To Extract File Into ZIP In Linux (CentOS & Debian / Ubuntu)

How to extract zip file on Linux and CentOS. The reason we zip the file is to compress its size to the smallest to which will fasten the download and or uploading period times.

However once the zip file is downloaded then we need to unzip or extract it in order for the files able to be used.

On this post you will be guided to unzip or extract the zip file on Linux.

Let’s do it. But before you can extract the zip file, then you need to firstly to install the unzip.

For CentOS

yum install unzip -y

For Linux Ubuntu / Debian

apt install unzip -y

Command to extract the zip file

unzip file_name.zip

If you wish to extract the zip file in the certain directory then use the following command.

unzip file_name.zip -d /directory/target/

Additional information:

man unzip

Continue with how to zip file in Linux.


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