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How To Extract Tar.GZ On Linux

Now I want to discuss a simple thing yet it’s a common activity we use on Linux which is extracting .tar.gz extension based file.

Since tar.gz is a widely general used extension to distribute application and CMS installer packages. That’s why knowing on how to extracting tar.gz is necessary.

To extract the tar.gz file is not really a hard task to do and there is no need the additional application such as zip.

All you need just execute the following command:

tar -xzvf file_name.tar.gz

The following is the explanation section of function of each parameter as follows:

  • -x gives the instruction for the file to be extracted.
  • -z the extracted algorithm is the Gzip/Gunzip.
  • -v is the process of information that will be completely printed. So any files that to be extracted will be shown up on screen.
  • -f will be saved as a file but its contain will not be shown on screen.

If all the function is combined producing the above command.


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