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How To Install File Manager On Sentora Panel

File Manager is a crucial plugin should be having on every control panel where within this area we can perform needed activities like managing our files in order to help making our website running the way it should be.

On Sentora Control Panel we don’t have the honor to have this plugin by default, instead we need to install File Manager called EL separately.

So once you have installed Sentore Panel, then you existing needed thing to do is installing the EL File Manager.

The complete instructions to do so can be followed on the following tutorial sections:

How to install EL File Manager On Sentora Panel

The tutorials is divided into two options: step 1 to install the file manager and step 2 to access it. Let’s begin now.

Step 1—Extploler installation

Login to your server via SSH, I recommend using Putty.

Now you need to add extploler repository by running the following command:

zppy repo add auxio.github.io

Afterward, update the Sentora repository to make the file manager, by running the command below:

zppy update

Now it’s time to install the File Manger, using the following command:

zppy install ELFileManager

Or if the above failed, use this command instead:

zppy install filemanager

Enable Filemanager Module on Sentora Kontrol Panel

Now you need to enable it, by going to Admin > Module Admin on your Sentora Kontrol Panel.

Click on the filemanager options for administratorsresellers, and users so the filemanager can be seen and used by all the said account levels. Then click on Save Change.

Next thing is to finish the filemanager installation processes, you can use your web browser to directly go to filemanager modul, for example: http://your-ip/modules/filemanager. The installation process will automatically start and it takes only a few seconds.

Step 2—Access extploler filemanager

To access your extploler filemanager then you can head to File menu on your Sentora Control Panel:

That’s it on how to install File Manager on Sentora Control Panel.


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