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How To Install Sentastico On Sentora Panel

Sentastico is a module for control panel that gives same functionality like Fantastico and Softaculous, it will ease users to install web applications on VPS or Dedicated server. There are plenty of open sources script or CMS within it, such as WordPress, Joomla, ecommerce, Forum script and so on.

On this post you will be guided on how to install Sentastico module on Sentora on your server. The entire processes can be followed now:

How to install Sentastico on Sentora panel

Step 1—Access SSH using Putty client.

Step 2—Then add the following Sentastico module repository:

zppy repo add zppy-repo.mach-hosting.com/repo

You can see the Sentora module available update/list from this page.

Step 3—Update your Sentora repository.

zppy update

Step 4—Now you can install Sentastico module.

zppy install sentastico

Step 5—Now login to your Sentora panel using browser, Server Admin menu–> Choose Module Adminthen activate the Sentastico module.

Activate Sentastico On Sentora Panel VPS

Now you are able to install web application on Sentastico that’s available on Home menu > Advanced menu—> Sentastico.

Now you can install WordPress on Sentora Panel and enjoy everything possible with that CMS.


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