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How To Install SSL On VestaCP Panel URL

This is the tutorial to install SSL on VestaCP page, that means you will install on your VestaCP URL panel not the domain you added to your VestaCP. But of course you need to firstly installed this Control Panel on your server. (If you haven’t then please refer to how to install VestaCP tutorials).

This tutorial will give you this result:


How To Install SSL On VestaCP Panel URL

See the HTTP with S = HTTPS. So you are not only securing your blog’s domain but also your VestaCP control panel page.

How To Install SSL On VestaCP Panel URL

What you need to do is executing this command.

First command:

v-update-host-certificate admin $HOSTNAME

Change the admin if your VestaCP’s username is not admin.

Now you have SSL on your VestaCP panel. There is one more thing I would like you to do which is making the SSL automtically renewing itself when is time to renew.

To do so just add the following command:

echo "UPDATE_HOSTNAME_SSL='yes'" >> /usr/local/vesta/conf/vesta.conf

Now click CTRL=X then click Y on your keyboard, then enter.

Now you have fully secured VestaCP panel page with SSL and automatically renew itself when it’s expired.

If you are confused with the above tutorial then I will add the video in the future about this.

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