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How To Install TinyCP

Tutorials on how to install TinyCP can be followed on this post. The TinyCP is the web based panel to manage Linux System.

It offers number of features such as adding Domains, Databases, FTP, FireWall, Samba, MailBoxes, OpenVPN, PPTP, GIT, PHP, SVN and more.

Currently TinyCP is available for Debian Linux and Ubuntu, perhaps in the future it will also be available for CentOS.

In the 2019, it’s reported that Technalab will commercialize TinyCP, which is only a few days ahead. So why don’t we give this panel—that is claimed to be so light and will not break your system—a try.

And even though it will commercialized but will be a budget-friendly subscription which is only $10/year per IPv4. So you can use it as the Webuzo alternative if you like.

On this tutorial I use the Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver, if you like then you are welcomed to follow the full instructions to install TinyCP from the following.

How to install TinyCP

Step 1—To download this panel, just head to this page URL https://tinycp.com.

Step 2—Then choose the Download menu.

Step 3—Register your email to obtain the download link and the instructions to install TinyCP along with the key management account to be used to login to the TinyCP.com official website.

Step 4—Follow the instructions, access SSH to server then execute the line of code to install TinyCP through SSH, for example is the following (Change the ID and Email with yours).

wget -qO- https://tinycp.com/download/tinycp-install.sh

bash -s -- 182600873 ngb@sering.online

Step 5—If you are asked about port then the default port is 8080, then enter, less than 1 minute the installations processes will be completed.

The following is just an example:

URL: http://Your-IP-Server:8080
LOGIN: admin

Step 6—Then you can access your panel using this URL http://Your-IP-Server:8080.

TinyCP Control Panel User Interface.png

Important notes:

Its panel is so light and has a very user friendly interface.

Memory usage information of TinyCP before installing web server package, Email, Database and other packages:

root@sering.online:~# free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           985M         87M        423M        588K        475M        754M
Swap:            0B          0B          0B

The following is the condition after installing Apache, MySQL and WordPress.

root@sering.online:~# free -h
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           985M        210M         69M         19M        705M        605M
Swap:            0B          0B          0B


TinyCP is indeed a light panel.

Domain, databases, web server configurations, SSL Let’s Encrypt installations can be done in one single interface. So we don’t need to bother ourselves executing separate SSH Command lines. Have a nice try.


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