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How To Install VestaCP On Linux Server

This is the tutorial on how to install VestaCP on Linux server, the process is pretty simple and my words will be proven on this VestaCP installing tutorials that only take a few simple steps.

Operating systems:

On its official website, VestaCP can be installed on Linyx, RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian operating system. Personally I never tried to install on either local Linux and FreeBSD.

Minimum system recruitment:

  • RAM : 512MB
  • HDD : 20GB
  • CPU : 1Ghz

VestaCP official features:

The provided features of this control panel is considered great, complete enough packed with the simple yet complete but natty interface to deliver light loading, the features are:

  • DNS
  • Email
  • SSL Let’s Encrypt supports.
  • Softaculous (paid features) *
  • Firewall
  • To read more.

For your information, VestaCP is a free control panel to manage your server, light and doesn’t require any license to install it, but you will need SFTP Chroot.

How to install VestaCP on Linux Server

There are two options provided to install VestaCP on Linux Server, there are:

  1. Basic install.
  2. Advanced installing systems.

But don’t worry all the options are easy to apply.

1. Basic install

# Firstly you need to connect via SSH

Login as Root via SSH—To do this you can use Putty.

# Download VestaCP installation script

curl -O http://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh

If you see error, that means the curl is not yet installed, in that case please to firstly install it.


yum install curl

For Debian, Ubuntu

apt-get install curl

# Now run the following script

bash vst-install.sh

The output:

Vesta Control Panel
Following software will be installed on your system:
– Nginx Web Server
– Apache Web Server (as backend)
– Bind DNS Server
– Exim mail server
– Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
– MySQL Database Server
– Vsftpd FTP Server
– Softaculous Plugin
– Iptables Firewall + Fail2Ban
Would you like to continue [y/n]:

Type y and then hit Enter on your computer keyboard.

The next, you will need to enter your email address:

Please enter admin email address: admin@sering.online

And now enter your hostname/domain:

Please enter FQDN hostname [yourdomainhere.com]: yourdomainhere.com

The installation will start, it usually takes about 15 minutes or less, generally the VestaCP installation takes about 4 minutes for the VPS specification with RAM: 512MB, SSD: 15GB SSD, CPU: 1.

Once it’s successful you will see the following information along with your VestaCP account information:

Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Vesta Control Panel
username: admin
password: ka34MNagib
We hope that you enjoy your installation of Vesta. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours
vestacp.com team
Save your VestaCP username and password.

To access your VestaCP simply copy the https://youripserver:8083. to your browser address form then paste it and hit enter. And then enter your account information which is username and password.

At the beginning you will find an error notification due to invalidity of SSL. But not problem just proceed to the insecure URL option from your browser.

Then login to your account and congratulations you have successfully installed VestacP control panel on your Linux server using Basic Installations method.

2. Advanced install settings

The second method, if you wish to install the VestaCP along with other software (Additional software) or even the VestaCP default software, then you can use this method.

The step is by going to the official VestaCP website according your need, as for me I install Softaculous so I choose Yes, if you don’t want to install it just choose No. See the following image as reference:

Install VestaCP On Linux Server Advanced Install Settings
Select the option based on your need and do not forget to add your domain/hostname, email address and password for your VestaCP Control Panel.

Once you are sure you have chosen your needed software, then click the Generate Install Command button, then you will obtain the command to instal the VestaCP on your Linux server.

Steps to install VestaCP using Advanced Install Settings

Step 1—Now log in to your SSH using Putty client.

Step 2—Then run the following command and hit enter:

curl -O http://vestacp.com/pub/vst-install.sh

Step 3—After that, run the following command:

bash vst-install.sh

Step 4—Wait for the entire installation process to finish then you will find your Control Panel URL, your username and password to login to your VestaCP Control Panel.

After VestaCP Is Successfully Installed On Linux Server

Step 5—Done.

The recommended tutorials:

Done and congratulations you have successfully installed the VestaCP on Linux Server using the Advanced Install Settings method.

For more VestaCP tutorials.


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