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How To Install Webuzo Panel On Server

You can follow the complete tutorials to install Webuzo Panel on your server from this post.

Webuzo is one of the used control panels to managing your server and it’s one of the few control panels that has complete features.

For users that like easiness to run their server can use Webuzo, because almost all crucial features provided with just clicks, so you don’t need to do the manual jobs like running commands using Putty.

Webuzo panel is a free software to install, but there are some features of this panel that are not free like installing Let’s Encrypt, WordPress, etc. But don’t worry you can do that manually.

How to install Webuzo

Installing Webuzo is pretty simple, you just need to run these three commands:

1. First command:

wget -N http://files.webuzo.com/install.sh

2. Second command:

chmod 0755 install.sh

3. Third command:


Hit Enter on your keyboard after each command.

Copy the URL of your Webuzo panel, the URL is like this: http://you-ip-domain-address:2004.

Webuzo Installation Is Finish

Then paste it on your browser then enter, you will find Webuzo Install Setup page.

Webuzo Panel Install Setup

If you are still confused then you can watch the following video:


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