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How To Install WordPress On VestaCP Panel

After you have installed VestaCP and have added a domain name there, and now you want to have a WordPress blog to store your storied and share them online for the world to enjoy, all you need just follow the exact tutorials to install WordPress on VestaCP compiled on this post.

Requirements before installing WordPress on VestaCP

Before you download and install WordPress software on your VestaCP through SSH, then make sure you have done the following requirements:

  • Be sure you have added a new domain name on VestaCP, or you can follow the full instructions from this post.
  • Of course you will need a database for your WordPress blog, make one then if you haven’t, or follow the full instructions from this post.
  • Be sure your domain has already pointed to your VestaCP panel, or visit this post to learn on how to create Name Server on VestaCP.

Install WordPress on VestaCP

Once you already have domain name, nameserver and also database on your VestaCP panel, it’s time now to install WordPress script.

1. Use PuTTY to access SSH then login as root.

2. Now choose public_html directory / folder for your new domain.

For example: /home/username/web/domain.tld/public_html/ (Change domain.tld with your own domain name).

Use the following command to enter to the directory:

cd /home/admin/web/yourdomainname.com/public_html

Download And Install WordPress Public_HTML Directory VestaCP Via SSH

3. Now download WordPress using wget command.

wget http://wordpress.org/latest.zip

Install WordPress SSH PuTTY Root VestaCP

4. Extract the latest.zip

unzip latest.zip

Unzip WordPress Root VestaCP

5. Now all the WordPress files have been successfully extracted, but there is still one folder left which is wordpress. You need to move that folder to this directory: public_html then use the following command to do so:

cd wordpress
mv * .[^.]* ..


6. Now back to the public_html directory and then erase / delete the empty wordpress folder on then the unused index.html.

cd ..
rm -rf wordpress index.html

Public_HTML WordPress VestaCP

7. Next go to wp-config.php and edit the file to add with your database name and database username of yours:

mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php
nano wp-config.php

Install WP VestaCP

8. Make sure the database name, username and password you have made on VestaCP are filled on there //** MySQL Settings…..

Edit WP Config VestaCP1

9. On this step, fill the data according your database you have made on VestaCP.

  • Change database_name_here with the name of your database.
  • Change username_here with the database username you’ve made on your VestaCP panel.
  • Change password_here with your database password.

Edit WP Config VestaCP

10. After done editing, save it using Control+O and exit using the Control+X.

11. Enter to your website directory (For example: /home/admin/web/yourdomainname.com) and change the public_html ownership to be admin by running the following command below:

chown -R admin.admin public_html

12. Open your browser to open your Domain name to install your WordPress. You will find the WordPress Installation Wizard. This is what you will see on your browser.

Install WordPress On VestaCP

13. Click the Install WordPress, then you can login to your WordPress dashboard admin.

14. Done and enjoy it.

Congratulations because you have successfully installed WordPress on your VestaCP panel and now you can blog about anything of your heart’s desire.

For more VestaCP tutorials to overcome this awesome panel for managing your server.


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