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How To See MySQL Root Password On VestaCP

How to see your MySQL Root Password in VestaCP. The VestaCP MySQL root password is similar with VestaCP admin user password from the installations.

But if your admin user password is already changed, then follow the guide below to see your MySQL root password in VestaCP.

cat /usr/local/vesta/conf/mysql.conf | grep -i password

The output would be like this:
HOST='localhost' USER='root' PASSWORD='thisismypassword' CHARSETS='UTF8,LATIN1,WIN1250,WIN1251,WIN1252,WIN1256,WIN1258,KOI8' MAX_DB='500' U_SYS_USERS='admin' U_DB_BASES='0' SUSPENDED='no' TIME='1

Or you can watch the video below:

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