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Increase Maximum Upload File Size On WebuZo Panel

The reason Webuzo is so popular is because the control panel delivers powerful ability and it’s so easy to be installed, but there is a one unpleasant (among other problems) that we experience once done installing it which is the upload limitation on file manager and also in uploading database (Import Database).

However this problem not only occurs in Webuzo but also in other control panels such as VestaCP and VPSSM.

But thankfully the problems are easy to deal with, by simply modify the content of php.ini (the php.ini file location in Webuzo based on Cent0S is in the following directory: /usr/local/webuzo/conf/webuzo/emps/php.ini).

How to increase the maximum upload file size on Webuzo panel

I use Linux and CentOS as server type.

But firstly you need to have WebuZo installed on your server. If you have not please head to how to install WebuZo panel on Linux Server.

Step 1—The following is the command to use access the directory (Use Putty client to do this):

nano /usr/local/webuzo/conf/webuzo/emps/php.ini

Step 2—Then find and edit the following parts:

upload_max_size = -M
upload_max_filesize = -M
post_max_size = -M


  • To find the above, just click CTRL+W then type the upload_max_size if you want to edit the size of this part (Repeat the same to alter file size of other parts).
  • Change this to number you wish. For example upload_max_size= -M to be 200M so it will be upload_max_size= 200M.

Step 3—Save your changes—Do so by CTRL+X then type Y (Means Yes) then hit Enter on keyboard.

Step 4—Then restart Webuzo of yours.

ystemctl retstart webuzo

Or use the following command:

service webuzo restart

The above settings only apply for administrator server—which is you are—not for website user.

So if you want the user has the same juicy too then follow the setting of uploading maximum file size for website user on the main menu while login to your WebuZo using browser, just choose the Configuration > PHP colomn.

Choose the PHP version you are using, then find and adjust this line:

upload_max_filesize = 100M
post_max_size = 100M

Then just click Save button.


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