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VestaCP Tutorials From A To Z

Here is the dedicated page to learn about VestaCP control panel. On this post you will be given about VestaCP Tutorials from A-to-Z.

The VestaCP tutorials include the following:


1. How to install VestaCP

On this post you will be guided to easily install VestaCP on your VPS or Dedicated Server.


2. How to change admin password on VestaCP

If you want to change the default admin password on your VestaCP panel then follow the full instructions here.

Domain and Name Server:

3. How to create Name Server on VestaCP

On this guide you will be guided to create your custom Name Server based on your existing domain name.

4. How to add Domain on VestaCP

You will be guided to add Domain name on your VestaCP control panel completely.

5. How to set SPF Record on VestaCP

This the the dedicated tutorials to set the SPF Record on your VestaCP control panel.


6. How to create Email on VestaCP

If you want to have a dedicated email address based on your domain name, then this tutorial will guide you through the entire process to do so.


7. How to create Database on VestaCP

If you wish to create Database on VestaCP then this post will guide you through the entire procedures.

8. How To See MySQL Root Password On VestaCP

If you want to know what’s your existing and current MySQL password then follow the guides on this post.

File Manager:

9. How to install File Manager on VestaCP

If you want to have File Manager on your VestaCP dashboard then this post is providing the complete tutorials to do so.

10. How to create FTP Account on VestaCP

You can also create your FTP account to easily and quickly transferring files from your computer to your server and otherwise.


11. How to install SSL for your VestaCP panel

If you want your VestaCP URL has the HTTPS protocol then this post provides the complete instructions to do so.


12. How to change SSH Port on VestaCP

For a security reason you can change the SSH port of your VestaCP and the complete tutorials of it can be found there.

13. Change VestaCP phpMyAdmin Default URL

Change your phpMyAdmin default URL such as youripaddress/phpmyadmin or yourdomain.com/phpmyadmin to the URL of your wish using SSH command.

Install Web application:

14. How to install WordPress on VestaCP

If you wish to have a WordPress based blog then you can install the web script on your VestaCP panel and the entire steps to do so are compiled and shared here.


The following is the tutorials to fix possible errors you probably experience using VestaCP:

1. Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error On VestaCP Admin

If you are facing the 502 Bad Gateway Error then this is the fix.

2. Fix Error: Connection To Localhost Failed On VestaCP

In case you are experiencing this error then go to this post to find the fix.

Well guys hope the entire VestaCP tutorials help you running the VestaCP on your server the way you want and fixing the possible issues you might currently facing.


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